O&M—Operation and Management

AGE’s Asset Management (AM) offers comprehensive asset management services for our clients that include technical support and in-depth analysis of plant performance and management.

Full support

AGE’s service companies coordinate and supervise all activities related to the management of assets in operation, ensuring compliance with all the requirements and obligations related to them, such as project management, reports to investors and clients, and stakeholder management.


Asset Management

Includes the management of O&M contracts and with third parties, insurance companies and control and surveillance services.

Comprehensive monitoring of all O&M activities and reporting according to operational and financial requirements.

We establish and maintain a relationship with the main local authorities to obtain the necessary operating permits.

Operation and maintenance

AGE maintains 24-hour supervision of its assets around the world thanks to a state-of-the-art monitoring system.

We obtain ‘Insights’ from development operations to improve AGE’s internal procedures and contracts and ensure the highest quality and performance standards.

Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance to anticipate potential failures.

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