Offshore Wind

The offshore wind farm sector is expanding quickly, and offshore floating wind farms are becoming increasingly popular to meet the world’s growing need for renewable energy. AGE offers state-of-the-art technology solutions and the unrivalled expertise essential for this green power revolution.


First, offshore construction is a rapidly growing industry. According to a recent report, the global capacity for offshore wind energy generation is expected to grow more than 10% annually until 2025. This means that investors who invest in offshore construction will have the opportunity to participate in a growing market and take advantage of long-term growth opportunities.

Second, offshore renewable energy systems are more stable and predictable than other types of renewable energy investments. Wind and water currents are natural resources that provide a constant supply of energy, resulting in a more stable and predictable energy generation. This means that investors can expect a more constant and predictable return compared to other forms of renewable energy investment.

Finally, offshore construction systems offer a number of important environmental and social benefits. Renewable energy generation reduces dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to mitigating climate change. Additionally, offshore construction minimizes visual impact on land and provides additional space for energy generation.


Offshore wind energy generation,
until 2025


Offshore construction is a unique opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolio and participate in the growing renewable energy market. Offshore construction allows for the utilization of natural ocean resources such as wind and water currents to generate energy efficiently and sustainably. Additionally, these systems offer a number of attractive investment opportunities and benefits.

"With its rapid growth, stability and predictability in energy generation, as well as its environmental and social benefits, investors who invest in offshore construction can expect long-term returns and a solid position in the renewable energy market."

Offshore construction systems are larger and more complex than other types of renewable energy systems. This means that the construction and operation of these systems require a larger initial investment and a higher level of technical expertise. However, this also means that the barrier to entry for competitors is higher, which can result in lower competition and a stronger position for investors who invest in offshore construction.


Design and Engineering

Offshore development services typically involve a team of experts with expertise in engineering, procurement, installation, and maintenance. These services are crucial for energy companies looking to expand their renewable energy generation capacity and take advantage of the natural resources provided by the ocean.

The first step is to conduct a comprehensive site assessment to determine the suitability of the location for energy generation, including the availability of wind or water currents, water depth, and proximity to the shore.

Based on the site assessment, the next step is to design the energy generation system and plan its construction. This typically involves creating detailed engineering drawings and specifications for the installation of wind turbines or underwater turbines.

The procurement and logistics phase involves sourcing materials and equipment, such as wind turbines and underwater turbines, as well as arranging for their transportation and installation.

Operation and maintenance

The installation and commissioning phase involves physically installing the energy generation system in the ocean, connecting it to the grid, and testing it to ensure it is working correctly.

Once the energy generation system is operational, ongoing operations and maintenance are required to ensure it continues to generate energy efficiently and safely. This may include monitoring and fixing equipment issues, conducting regular maintenance, and upgrading components as needed.

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